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Thanks to Crystal's interest in having its own spinning mill that would guarantee the availability of this resource for its production processes and Parkdale's desire to expand its operations to South America, in addition to the fact that both companies had similar philosophies, the Colhilados LTD Joint Venture was born between 2000 and 2002, in the free trade zone of the municipality of Rionegro in Antioquia, Colombia.

Colhilados starts with a projected area of 30,000 square meters. Initially, half of that area was built. Today it has built 22,500 meters and the possibility of making the final expansion to cover the entire master plan of what was intended from the first day in 2003.

PARKDALE® is proud to be the world's leading yarn producer. We are the largest consumer of U.S. grown cotton; we use over 25,000 bales of cotton each week. PARKDALE® was founded in 1916 and remains an industry leader. They have invested more than $150 million in recent years in order to have the most efficient spinning mills in the world. These investments demonstrate our commitment to the latest technologies to keep our customers competitive in the global marketplace.

PARKDALE® has different types of spinning, Ring Spun and Open End. We produce 100% cotton yarns, polyester, and cotton and polyester blends. Also blends of 3 and 4 different fibers.

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