Environmental commitment - Crystal S.A.S

Committed to the environment

Creemos en la posibilidad de vivir en armonía con nuestro entorno, por eso, implementamos medidas para disminuir el impacto del consumo de los recursos en nuestros procesos y nos vinculamos junto a los colaboradores y sus familias, en acciones que buscan contribuir con el bienestar del medio ambiente y poblaciones vulnerables.


This resource is essential for many of our processes and aware of the importance of preserving it, we assume the responsibility of optimizing its use through various actions.

Climate change

We constantly review our processes, looking for new ones and better ways to use the energy resource and decrease the impact on the environment. Thanks to this, today we have accomplished.

Responsible Production

At Crystal, responsible production is one of our pillars, we work on our entire production chain from yarn manufacturing to the final delivery of the product. We are based on innovation and continuous improvement, which is why we implement the most effective processes to offer each customer a product that meets their needs and has the least impact on the environment.

Raw Materials, Packaging, Processes, Stories

Environmental mangment with a social sense

Together with our employees and their families, we support programs that promote environmental protection through safe alternatives for the use of some final disposal resources and support different social causes.