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Corporate governance

The Board of Directors is elected by the Shareholders' Assembly and is responsible for setting Crystal S.A.S.'s strategy and supervising its management performance. To fulfill its role, the Board of Directors is supported by the Corporate Presidency, the Executive Presidency, the Vice-Presidencies, the Statutory Auditor's Office and the Steering Committees.

Our Board of Directors is composed of five members with diverse professions, experience and academic backgrounds, which allows us to have an interdisciplinary, responsible, competent and suitable team, which accompanies the Presidency of the Organization in making strategic decisions with the premise of the collective welfare, society in general and its shareholders. As part of the corporate governance, the Board is evaluated every two years with internal and external mechanisms.

Members of the Board

• Sol Beatriz Arango Mesa
• Santiago Piedrahita Montoya
• Luis Alberto Botero Botero
• Jose Alberto Vélez Cadavid
• Ignacio Calle Cuartas

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