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A brand that vibrates with summer, music, color, art and friends. At GEF we are optimistic and, through fashion, we help people express their essence with clothing inspired by different trends.
Our spirit is young and free! And we materialize it with the perfect designs for every moment: outerwear, underwear, sportswear, shoes and accessories that never go out of style so you can find a look that adapts to you.

Our stores

We have stores in Colombia, Aruba, Bolivia, Bonaire, Costa Rica, Curazao, Mexico and Peru. Find its locations here

Our dream is a much greener world...

A brand that seeks to inspire more Conscious living with actions that promote comprehensive wellbeing. We are specialists in comfort, designing clothing, products and experiences, including underwear, outerwear, and sportswear, that offer a balance between comfort, freshness and style. We use innovative materials and processes and our designs offer options for different moments.
We are recognized because of our iconic silhouettes that use soft textures that feel like a second skin. We are inspired by a global and current view of trends, taking from them their fundamentals to create essential garments for your wardrobe.

A sports brand that invites wellness through exercise, offering high value garments in design and intelligent fabrics to improve the performance of men and women during training. Punto Blanco Athletic invites you to enjoy the sport, while using garments with benefits such as quick-drying, antibacterial and ventilation systems to ensure maximum comfort for the body.
If you do yoga, pilates, running, crossfit or cycling, you will find in Punto Blanco Athletic the best allies to overcome your challenges.

Our stores

We have stores in Colombia, Aruba, Bolivia, Bonaire, Chile, Curazao, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. Find its locations here

We seek to give well-being through a life with...

This is the brand that walks beside families during the first years of their babies' lives with products for little ones between 0 and 5 years old. Each Baby Fresh garment has a why and a what for, which are, precisely, comfort, practicality, and safety, the brand's pillars that are reflected in all its underwear, outerwear, pajamas, beachwear, and accessories.
Garments are made out of 100% natural and hypoallergenic cotton, a delicate fiber that cares for babies' and children' skin. Our designs give them freedom of movement and freshness and include special and functional details that make things easier and more practical for Mom and Dad to dress and undress them. Baby Fresh makes the happiest times of childhood easy and comfortable.

Our stores

We have stores in Colombia, Aruba, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Curazao, Guatemala and Mexico. Find its locations here

By sowing together, we help create a better world...

This brand makes every step of your way, easy and fun. Galax gives Colombians quality socks at good prices. We have socks for babies, children, youths and adults. No member of the family should be without socks! Our brand is aware of trends and looks to the future with positivity and a great sense of humor.
We make socks for every occasion, and our designs are the perfect gift and to start the day on the right foot.

Our stores

We have stores in Colombia. Find its locations here

We bought the franchise for Colombia of the Portuguese brand Parfois.
This is a brand for women that love fashion, jewelry, accessories and complements. Parfois invites you to open a space in your closet for handbags, scarfs, rings, bracelets, earrings, and sunglasses, among others. Creative and stylish designs inspired by current trends, perfect for bringing a unique touch to every look.

Our stores

We have stores in Colombia. Know the location of our stores

This traditional brand accompanies Central American families with high quality socks and underwear for every occasion.
Men, women, and children will find atemporal, basic, and trendy pieces to live fashionably and enjoy their style.

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